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How to wear it

One of my favorite clients
-Hi YY!-
wrote in and asked how to pull off some of the looser 70's looks without looking frumpy and dumpy. Take these 2 dresses for example.

This great little 1970's semi-sheer unlabelled print on the right

Or this gorgeous georgette Diane Fres print dress.

I am going to be flat out honest here - to wear and pull these off you have to have at very least a decent figure. If you have a thicker waist that is out of porportion to the rest of you it's going to be tougher. It's hard with no defined waist to not end up looking too frumpy and thick in the middle. But don't be put off - using the proper styling and thinking a bit about balance and these can look fabulous AND hide a less then perfect figure.

I pulled some looks off the runways from the past couple of seasons to give you some styling ideas. And remember the true key here is simplicity. Let the beauty of the print and the fabric take centre stage - add a lot of crap and you will look old and tired - trust me on this.

Keep it simple #1 - Add a belt and fab shoes

A belt will add some definition and you can use the shoe to pick up the colors on the dress or to pull a bag into the mix. Notice the belt is not too structured? Work with the dress and keep the looser flowy feeling to it. In the post below about MK & Ashley you can see how the belt pulled in an otherwise sloppy dress.

Keep it simple #2 - Add a Sweater

This is a great way to give some of your lighter frocks a bit of a fall feel and to extend their wear past the summer months. Throw a jumper on over the dress so just the flowiness of the skirt peeks out. You can do this look with boots or tights instead of the bare leg look of the runway. If you are working with a print dress like one of mine, then you need to do the opposite of this pic - keep the sweater a solid to contrast with the print.

Keep it simple #3 - Add some accessories and that's it

Add one drama piece - see how the balance of these looks change in these two outfits?
One is emphasizing the top with a huge showstopping necklace and the other uses the boots to anchor the eye and give the dress a foundation. Nothing else needed. Nothing in the middle is required because it is the strength of the dress that is allowed to come forward and the big statement boot and necklace add the balance.

One of the best things about dresses like these are that they take 5 minutes and you are out the door. Good thing for the days you just need to look great and can't fuss.

One word of warning though - please no flats with this shape - I found this picture from Marc Jacobs show and although I love/adore/admire/respect Marc - this look does not work.
Flats = instant frump with this shape no matter what you are paying for the dress.



YY said...

Wow! Thanks for the great ideas! I now see these dresses in a whole new light. Very chic and cool, definitely not frumpy! Great! Thanks!

Jacqui said...

Have amazing collection of dresses which bought from Old Pueblo Traders...

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