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Vintage on the Street

I spent the day at a clothing show in Toronto today, doing some buying for Shrimpton (Ok I admit - I shopped for me too - a girl can't change who she is ya know *teehee*). The Clothing Show here in Toronto is a big bi-annual event and if you can you should go - its lots of fun. Though sadly the vintage section seems to get smaller and smaller every year. But its still worth a go.

So my good friend Mandy and I shopped and walked till we dropped and we decided to take pictures of some of the most fabulous women we saw at the show. All where asked to pose and allow me to post their pics here. Sorry about the quality - these are just Treo shots, but even with a only a phone camera you can see how great and distinctive these 4 girls are.

I think we forget to celebrate how truly great us girls are at times and in an arena literally FULL of women I think it is sort of cool that there are such terrifc and stylish woman flaunting their vintage best with such style and finesse. I don't know where the you are reading this in the big wide world but here in Toronto - our girls rock! These girls where stand-outs in a sea of ordinary girls and that was greatly in part from the fact that they where distinctive and unique and yes they where wearing vintage!!

Color color color - how fab is this bright 60's frock and floppy hat? And those tights add that splash of color that balances the rest of the ensemble - in a sea of jeans this girl was a stand-out! I love it!

This beauty was my next spot. and maybe my favorite of the day - love the Betty Page hair, the red lipstick, the whole 40's vibe with the stark black top/yellow contrast and she has the best tattoos ever! I am normally not a tatoo lover but for some reason on this girl they just worked and worked perfectly - it gave her this whole 40's movie starlet with edge thing.

I am so sad this pic is blurry - I loved this outfit. Ok technically this was not a vintage sweater but it is such a strong key look of the season and she did it so well I had to ask for the picture. Its clean simple and done perfectly! The short of the sweater is balance perfectly by those boots and she had a KILLER necklace on that gave the whole outfit contrast.

My last vintage pic of the day wore a maxi length DVF wrap. How killer is this? I swear I wanted to steal it right off of her for ME. I love how she balanced the look with simple, neat swept back hair and barely there jewellery. It strikes the perfect balance and keeps it from being over the top! It was great!

Thanks for letting me share you with the world girls!
You are all Shrimpton worthy girls and helped make the day even more fun!


Kat said...

Oh that is fun! I loved this post! I think the 40s girl looks great too but the others are also fab looking! What great style! Thanks for sharing with us

Yin Yee said...

Cheerios to all four fabulous ladies here! And to Cherie and Mandy too! Life's beauty comes in all forms, colours and shapes -- but all uniquely and beautifully worth celebrating! My personal faves are the first and last pics -- funky beautiful and classy beautiful, yay! Oh, love that colourful blouse & the DVF (me yet to find one!) Thanks for sharing.

Margarite Elaine said...

How fun! These ladies look great. I love to see how other express themselves through fashion.

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