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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Eva Longoria was spotted wearing this vintage coat.
Which, taken on its own merit is a pretty fabulous coat.


Does one, once one becomes famous....look into a mirror one day on the way out to a celebrity event and say to oneself...

"Eva baby you are a celebrity now and you only had one picture in US Weekly this week ....you need to work it .....so Eva baby lets dress you up as fugly as possible and make sure you get dozens of pictures on the internet proclaiming your fugliness to the world. Let's give you dirndl-girl "sound of music" over-pulled back hair so we can make your face look nice and round. And Eva baby let's work us some gloves and add some boring-ass shoes."

Nice coat ...shame about the rest.
This has been a short lesson in trying way, way, WAY to hard

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Funny but true. That coat is lovely but it looks a haute mess on her.

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