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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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On Building New Studio Space

Last night I built some Ikea tables so I can continue what seems to be the endless task of re-organizing my new space for "The Collection". I use caps because it is it's very own entity at the moment. But it is getting there.

The funny thing is that as I re-organize and re-group my new space it feels in some way like it is metaphor for what has transpired in my life. I was living in a marriage long past dead up until very recently. We where in effect roommates by the time I decided to make the move and go. And if I have to be true to myself a big part of the delay was that I had it pretty damn easy and I knew the task of moving "The Collection" would be only slightly less then monumental. Which, I have found out since, I was dead right about.

So rebuilding my space is in effect a reflection of the rebuilding of my life. There is a boy in the picture (Ok he is really a fabulous, handsome grown-up man and I cannot believe I have been so lucky to find this man) and though he is somewhat in awe of the size of what is in effect my closet - vintage business or not - he still at some level (please all say a prayer that it stays this way).... he still at some level thinks that the fabulous factor of me outweighs the fact that I have effectively filled two rooms outside of my own personal large closet with clothing.

Tee hee

Do I lead a charmed life or what? Like seriously, even I, re-reading the above paragraph, thinks.... wow what a great life.... a fabulous man and 2 full rooms of vintage clothing at my disposal and said fabulous man does not roll his eyes to the heaven when I walk in the door with a bag of yet MORE vintage when I still have BOXES to unpack.

So its all coming along and soon I will be back up and running Shrimpton at full speed ahead. But if I am a little slow you will have to be patient and forgive me as I am busy being happy and building tables with a boy. And with the right boy ... that seems to take a little bit more time then one would think building Ikea tables would take.

Tee hee


YY said...

Sending blessings your way! All the best!

Sandra said...

You seem to have a breath of new life in not just your clothes but your life. How wonderful!

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