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Celebrity Vintage OSSIE Spot

God I just love and adore Ossie Clark designs! Here is Sienna Miller in an Ossie wrap dress. I had to giggle because yes this dress is supposed to be cut low but I actually think she is wearing it one or 2 sizes too small. I do believe based on my size and what size I take in a vintage Ossie that this dress is supposed to plunge low but meet a bit closer in the middle. Not that it looks bad on her - but for the rest of us with only semi-glamorous lives and no paparazzi - well we may want to stick to only showing our cleavages and not wear garments that sit on the edges of our nipples.

I think I may actually post a couple of Ossie's today actually. At the end of June I will be moving (again) but to my much more permanent residence. So my huge and somewhat daunting task that lies ahead is to cull my collection before then to something that borderlines upon reasonable prior to the move. Yeah Ok I can hear the giggle now and the shouts of promises, promises. Well this time I am committed and you may fond some surprisingly GREAT bargains too so keep your eyes peeled on the site and tell everyone you know!

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