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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Fab Find

I know I mainly write about vintage here but I am also fully obsessed with modern clothes and accessories! Handbags and sunglasses in particular. I am actually more then a little obsessed and finally just "negotiated" a yearly bag budget with my guy so we both know what to expect finances -wise. Obnoxious yes. Practical - depends on how you look at it. Fun as hell - YES!

Though to all that know me - you can bet by the end of year one I will be justifying why I had to go "just a little over"

Anyway, now that my bag "budget" is firmly in place there is still a matter of sunglasses and we all know they are autrociously expensive these days with the average price of the higher end glasses being round the $250-$400 range. BUT girls do I have an in for you!

My sunglass guy, Mark, is based out of Toronto and he only sells authentic sunglasses.
He is on Ebay and his service is EXCEPTIONAL and his prices are even better -
20-50% less then what you pay retail in my experience -
and they are new and perfect in every way - not fakes!!

On Tuesday I emailed him a picture of the new Chloe glasses - which are harder then hard to find, and not only did he have them but they where in my hands the next day!

Never buy sunglasses retail again!
shhhhhhhh it will be our little secret

ebay ID: 4sunglass
ebay store: stores.ebay.com/4SUNGLASS

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