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Digging the 60's Groove

Has anyone actually seen Factory Girl yet? Is it any good? I have not heard hide nor hair of it since the big hooopla it originally generated. Funny that a movie that did not even get mass distributed on the mainstream film circuit managed somehow to still cause an entire push design-wise back to the 1960's silhouette.

I just picked up the Edie Sedgwick biography that has been re-published (aptly titled "Edie") and have just started to read it. It seems to be PDG (pretty damn good) so far, so now I am in a bit of a panic that the book will turn out better then the movie - cause isn't that often the case?

In homage to Edie and that whole fabulous sixties look - here is a pic (camera phone only so xcuse the badness) of moi in one of my fave 60's frocks taken by my guy on my last buying trip. Can you see the twinkle in my eye? That is me flirting with my guy not the camera He is afterall much cuter then I. But maybe not as cute as the dress.

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