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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Be discovered at Glam.com

Click on the box above and RUN to that site of you have ever even remotely thought that you might do a better job at designing handbags then everyone does now!

Marie Claire and Glam Media have joined forces to create a competition for aspiring handbag designers. Starting today aspiring designers can submit their handbag sketches on Glam.com, where the fashion community will vote for their favorites.
The lucky winner will receive a trip to New York, a one-night stay at a posh New York hotel, and the MOST EXCITING part of all she or he will be a Marie Claire "accessories editor for a day." Additionally, the final 8 bags will be auctioned off on E-bay.com with all the proceeds going to charity.

How very cool is that? I might even sketch up something myself being the handbag obsessed girl I am!

PS - the site and email are all back up and running - crisis averted and all is good with the world and all that :-)

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