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Celebrity Should Be Vintage Spot

Normally I cannot say that Toni Collette is a girl I strive to emulate looks wise. She is one of those actresses that can play "plain jane" pretty darn good when she has to. But when she attended the AIDS benefit in Cannes this week she pulled out all the stops! I have yet to confirm who this dress is by but even of it is new it sure as hell is a knock-off of the best the 70's had to offer. I love this dress and I love Toni in it - she looks glamorous, sophisticated with a 1970's supermodel bohemian twist. This is the reason why you own at lest one fabulous long print hostess dress in your closet. It will do awards, dinner - you can even add flip flops and a big bag go to the market on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Toni you have earned the Shrimpton stamp of approval!

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