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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Kirsten Dunst in vintage Versace.

I have to say I am struggling not to just let it rip on this one!
Yes, it is a great dress - but everything else is just wrong wrong wrong!
It's not really the way it's styled - though I personally would have done bare tanned legs and a light shoe, it's more that this just does not suit her.
I bet in person this dress is a work of art - literally. And on the right frame it could potentially transform a girl into a modern day Grecian Goddess with a twist of Studio 54 and a dash of naughty, no? But on Kirsten it just does not work - it looks sloppy and dowdy.

Vintage Versace - dowdy?

Vintage fashionistas the world-wide are collectively shuddering over that even being possible

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The Runway Scoop said...

Yes, I definitely picture some strappy sandals with this one. However, I think the problem here is that she doesn't carry herself in a way that shows it off in a good way. You simply have to be confident and comfortable in what you're wearing and clearly she doesn't. Just my two cents!h

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