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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Ahhhhh the ever so fabulous Kate Moss. Yes, she gets dogged these days for her choice in men and I have seen other blogs go off about how she is not as hot anymore - because as we all know - aging is just so not allowed in the world of fashion. Yeah well screw you too oh you so non-fabulous people-who-obviously-have-too-much-time-on-their-hands, cause love her or hate her she still is a beautiful woman and for all the people who say she is not hot anymore because she is near <gasp> 40 ....... just think about that for a minute - like in terms of real-life!

But I digress

Kate is fabulous and is one of the few woman on the entire planet that can truly be attributed to making vintage mainstream. Her recent launch of clothes at Topshop took many of her vintage favorites and recreated them for the masses. And some of you hate that too and that is OK - just don't buy it then - free country and all that right?

But this is a celebrity vintage spot and not a commentary on the rights or wrongs of copying vintage design - I will save that for another day when I am feeling feisty.

(though to be fair on this note, my good friend Liz over at emma-peel-pants has a very valid and notable point about certain Lee Bender dress Kate used to make a piece of "her" collection -go link through to her blog and see - she expresses what is wrong with Kate's "copies" of one piece in particular very well - much better then I could anyway so I will let her be feisty for me today)

No this is about Kate looking fabulous in her vintage (knock-off) dress and her real vintage Alaia belt she has used to cinch in the waist and take an otherwise baggy dress to new heights of sexy. Like the real-life vintage example below its not always about wearing vintage head to toe or even as the main item. It is about picking that perfect, fabulous, to-die-for piece that makes or breaks the outfit. And when that piece is vintage you know its even better!

All bow to Kate.

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shes hot

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