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Real Life Vintage

I get a lot of emails and requests asking how to wear vintage and my answer is pretty much always the same - you treat it just like any other dress! In fact unless retro is your "look" (think Dita - who does it the best), otherwise, treat vintage just as you would any other piece in your wardrobe. (Just don't spill red wine on it and hang it up the second it comes off!)

So I thought I would start a new post once a week or so that shows what I am wearing and how I wear my personal collection of vintage. The photos aren't the best - its just my good old camera phone and they are not professionally styled or anything - just a real life snapshot of what I am wearing and how I put it all together.

So here is me yesterday in a 1950's cotton frock in navy and pale yellow striping. Over that I wore a tan embroidered coat from the spring Marni collection. Accessories are my creme patent Marc Jacobs bag from last season and my shoes are high wood-soled chunky platforms in a matching cream patent - you can't see em but they match the bag.

It was a good outfit day and I am always a little shocked on how many people comment and compliment you when one is out and about wearing vintage. It seems to me that the days of the daily wearing of a pretty day dress are few and far between for most women anymore so you really get noticed when you have one on! I know there are lots of options int he store these days but I staunchly stand by vintage as the number one choice! You just can't beat the fabric, cut and quality and you are guaranteed not to run into your carbon copy in the grocery store line!

PS. If you have a real life vintage day where you feel pretty good - send me a picture of what you wore and how you put it together and I will post it and share it with everyone! What fun it would be to see how we all style our vintage around the world!!


beth said...

I love this new addition to the blog - post this often! Its cool to see ways to style vintage!

Anonymous said...

good outfit

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