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Celebrity Vintage Spot

A stunning Angelina Jolie in vintage Pierre Balmain in Cannes this weekend


Am I the only one who has noticed the prevailing amount of celebrities showing up in vintage at events these days? It makes sense though - we live in a world where the newest "it" dress is splashed over countless media forms. We live in the world where even a so-called "normal" person can walk into Neiman's and plop down a credit card and buy a $15,000 Gucci dress. In that kind of a world what is a celebrity to do? God forbid you end up on the wrong side of the "Who wore it best?" column. God forbid that the dress you wore last night is shown side by side in every blog by noon with the girl who wore it last week.

Nope in this type of world you have 2 choices:
1. You can have it made for you.
But if you do that you better be able to afford a big name or you will be deemed slightly "less then" or you can:
2. Wear vintage
Well duh - of course this is the answer.
The clothes are beautiful, the fabrics scrumptious,
the piecing together of the garments is meticulous and guess what??



I point this out because I am somewhat still astounded of the reaction of people when they find out you deal in or are wearing vintage.........
"old clothes?"
they muse whilst slightly wrinkling their noses.
"How (profound pause) interesting"

Well darling - take another look at Angelina in the above picture.
If that's what "old clothes" does for a girl.........
you can just keep your new ones

(please fell free to picture my ever-so-cute nose wrinkling up ever-so-slightly here)

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Sandra said...

You're celebrity vintage posts are magnificent Cherie! And yes, I have noticed a lot of celebrities wearing vintage. I'm so glad that there are rich and famous people who appreciate quality in design and fabric. They can afford anything in the world, but who wouldn't want to wear a piece of fashion history?

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