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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Lame post time

This is probably going to be a lame post. I apologize in advance but I am having the lazies like you would not believe.

It's the last day of the three day weekend. I did a hell of a lot of nothing mixed in with a major overhaul of my closet.

Don't you love when your closet is perfect? Am I sick for thinking that color coordinated clothes and each sleeve just the right amount of space apart is a terribly good thing? There is a part of me that wishes she was messy but if my closet could look like one of the side boutiques at Neiman Marcus - well I don't think I would ever leave it.

I also went through the bottom cupboards in my bathroom and threw out all the make-up and assorted beauty products I have been hauling around "just in case" - you know just n case that turquoise blue eyeshadow I bought in a fit if utter and complete insanity - just in case that color came back in style - and oh yeah just in case it actually somehow might look even half-way good on me. You know that type of just in case.

So I have clean bathroom cupboards and a clean closet.
The sun is shining and my roast is in the oven and almost ready.
This post is as good as it gets today darlings ..tomorrow I will be back to vintage and celebrities and pretty clothes. Today I am just loving my little life and well spaced sleeves

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree with having your closet perfect, i usually about every 3 months will mix it up a bit and organize it differently. right now my cloest is organized by color, sleeve length, and goes from dressy to casual. i know it sounds exssesive, but once you do it you can jsut look in the closet and say "im looking for something pink thats fairly causal with a cap sleeve" and there it is!!! i love my closet almost a bit more then i love my boyfriend

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