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This is not a new picture but it is a good one. This is Sheryl Crow ricking a vintage Herve Leger with decidedly 1930's lines. And since education is always a good thing I went straight to my trusted Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource for you and here's what they had to say:


(1957) After several years in the fashion business, making hats and working for a knitwear maker, in 1980 Hervé Léger went to Rome to work with Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi. When Lagerfeld went to Chanel in 1983, Léger went with him as an assistant.

In 1985, Léger started his own label, Company MCH Diffiusion. At the same time he worked freelancing for Lanvin, Diane Von Furstenberg, Chloe, Charles Jourdan and others. In 1993, he started the Hervé Léger label. This business was bought by BCBG in 1999, and he was replaced by another designer. He reopened under the name Hervé Leroux, and today he also is the new designer for the Guy Laroche collections. His designs are often form-fitting, molding a woman's shape. He is best known for his designs that utilize spandex.

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