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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Sorry about the sporadic posting - I move later this week and my life is crazed with packing and getting ready. I did run across this picture of Katie Holmes while in France last week. I bet few of you realized that this was a vintage number. It is actually Emanual Ungaro from the 80's just barely squeezes in as being vintage in my books but I guess the reality is that those 80's clothes are technically vintage now. I am always surprised at just how many celebrities out there do dip their toes into the vintage market. It warms my heart to see it actually!

Don't forget that everything at Shrimpton is on sale and that once I move the whole site is getting revamped and I will be pulling off a lot of what is on there now. Tons of pieces have sold already and its a great chance to get stuff at low prices. As Miss Katie and countless others know - vintage is where its at baby!

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