We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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So tomorrow is the huge packing day, followed by the actual move day - UGGHHHH can I share how much a F*%%&$##g hate packing and moving?!?!?!
Although I cannot really complain - My Guy is moving me into what I lovingly refer to as McMansion. Yep its a monster of a house which though it sounds like a very very fun thing is a bit intimidating - I may live quite the fabulous life these days but at heart I am still a small town girl who grew up poor as a church mouse!
But, I do have a bit of a dream life these days so I guess I should not complain about packing.

Ahhhh, screw it - I am complaining anyway
grrrrrrrr...^&%^$% packing sucks

It does not help that the air conditioner where I am now is broke and its like 39 degrees outside - 45 in the house of course. Sigh well at least I will be skinny (from the water loss of course) when I move into McMansion.

There is always a silver cloud!

To keep you all going while I might be absent for a day or two, blogging-wise, here is Chloe Sevigny carrying a fabulous vintage Hermes clutch.


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