We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

Please reset your bookmarks and follow the new blog:


The relaunch begins!

So since the last time I posted anything my life has been a whirlwind! To give you an idea of how nutty it has been here's a short tiny snapshot:

I have BRACES - yep I am an old chick with a 13 year old mouth full of metal. Despite the pain and suffering I am in its still the best decision I ever made!

I am now fully moved into McMansion and have started the daunting task of renovating and doing the interior. Yeah Ok even I have to admit that it is not so bad.

I have traveled to the West Coast, Northern Ontario, hosted a 50 person wedding on the property (which included sleep-over guest for 4 nights and a rehearsal dinner party) and thrown 2 other 10 person dinner parties and had friends stay the weekend

Uhmmm did I mention this is all since my moving day June 28th?

And that I have a full time job in addition to the site?

Besides my nutty life I am still insanely happy and completely in love with My Guy and still happily vintaging when I can. I know I have been ignoring the site but now that you see what's been going on I hope you can forgive me! On a personal level I have felt so bad for not giving the site my best efforts that I made the somewhat radical decision to pull every single thing off the site and start fresh.

Since I am going to have a new look and am in a new house I think it is only fair that Shrimpton get some of the magic and get a new look too no? And some new pretty frocks to go along with it never hurt! So if you go to the site now you will see NOTHING. There is not a dress in site. But I am photoing and pulling frocks and I can guarantee you you will LOVE the new stock that is coming. And in the meantime I am going to try to commit to making time to touch base here at the blog again on a regular basis too. So don't give up on me and check back cause I am working my BUTT OFF to get stuff done!


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