We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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From Russia With Love

Short and sweet entry till tomorrow (Russian time of course).
Just about to scoot out for drinks and dinner in glorious Moscow.

Quick impressions
fashion rules here in many ways - the hotel bar has a huge screen TV with 24 hour FTV playing (FTV.com if you are interested - cheap to sign up - 24 hours live stream fashion - but don't tell - the guys will know why I hide my computer screen when they come into the office). This afternoon My Guy and I walked to an outdoor market. The Russians are incredible artists and now we have to figure out how to bring back a HUGE painting. Fashion wise it was all or nothing. The Russian women are either completely non styled and invisible or they are so "done" that one's jaw drops a bit. Full make-up (impeccable), full hair (impeccable), skin tanned to perfection, heels and very expensive clothing. All at an outdoor Saturday afternoon market.

See I knew I was really a Russian girl

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