We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Picture Post

Me & My Guy in the field in Finland

This was the height of fashion for three days - my runners of course not his!

Forests forests forests!

it always amazes me how similar most places are in the world!
This could be Northern Ontario

Beautiful, Stunning Russia from the balcony of the rooftop patio of our hotel

Tis moi in my vintage Malcom Starr frock and Chloe sunglasses deciding on what Russian delicacy to try. My Guy arranged a whole dining experience on that rooftop for us. A Russian sunset, a world class menu with world class service. They even brought out a cashmere blanket for me legs when it started to cool down. We had a view of the whole city and it was terribly romantic and an absolutely perfect evening I will remember forever!
Me peeking at my guy

The last time My Guy traveled to Russia he came back and said to me that if I was a city I would be Moscow. Now that I have been here I take this as the highest compliment as I adore and love everything about Russia. It is complex, it is mysterious, it's in your face, fashion impacts everything here and it has impacted me like no other city I have yet encountered.

Moscow may be a city of contradiction but she is one of the greats, of that there is no doubt

until tomorrow........
из россии с любовью


YY said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad you are having a great time!

emmapeelpants said...

You look so beautiful and happy my dear - I'm very envious! ;) Liz x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ! and i love those vinatge sunglasses your wearing !

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