We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Being the die-hard Sex and The City Fan I am, you can imagine how thrilled I am over the news that filming has begun for the movie. My Guy has already been warned that we are attending the opening night at the movie theater and he will look like he wants to be there AND I am using it as my excuse to wear the MOST outlandish, Over-the-top F&*&ing fabulous vintage outfit I can take three weeks to think of to put together. Oh yeah - bliss is mine.

Now of course you KNOW the real reason a girl like me loves the show is the REAL main character - the WARDROBE!


It's the way the whole world should dress every day. Trust me, we would all walk around with blissful smiles if we did.

And as we get peeks of the shots while they are filming it just gets more and more exciting. So here is Miss SJP/Carrie looking stunning in a vintage green on green ensemble.

Sigh. What a way to mix those patterns. Now I may not have chose THAT belt or THAT purse but this is Carrie for God's sake. She is SUPPOSED to go way over and above what we mere mortals would do. It's like couture - it is not really supposed to work for everyday but it gives us all that moment to just secretly imagine ourselves in New York swinging our little Eiffel towers as we strut down the pavement to our fabulous life filled with fabulous clothes.....

Welcome back Carrie....welcome back

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