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The Power of Clothes

If you have ever taken a moment to read my About Me page on my website you know that I am a firm believer in the transformative power of clothes. So it was with great interest that when reading the August '07 archives of my fellow blogger and superb photographer at large - The Sartorialist - that I came across two examples of how living in New York City and being constantly undulated with the influence of having fashion literally surround you day after day can transform a girl. I know there is probably a social argument in here somewhere in that city is the real great influencer here, but from the most base of viewpoints these two girls have transformed themselves to an entirely new level through clothes, hair and make-up. And they just might be a little different on the inside too. Either way they are (and probably always where) Fabulous Girls and now you can see that at a glance.

And that my readers is a teeny tiny little part of why I adore/love/lust/live/breathe this seriously silly, seriously fun little world we inhabit.

Here is Kara in February 2007

And Kara in August 2007!

Kelly in the summer of 2006

and Kelly Summer 2007!

Images taken from the Sartorialist blog

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