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Today's Vintage Celebrity Spot

Jessica Alba made an appearance on Jay Leno this summer and she showed up wearing this completely luscious old-movie-star-hollywood-glam dress by Nettie Rosenstein. I have to say I simply adore this dress and I think she looks stellar in it!

It is really a stunningly beautiful dress. It's so girlie and flirty!

I popped over to the Vintage Fashion Guild as I thought you might be interested in learning more about the designer of this lovely frock. Here is what they had to say:

(1895? – 1980) Nettie Rosenstein started making clothing professionally in 1919. She worked throughout the 1920s in various design jobs, and in 1931 she started her own label.

Rosenstein became known for her Little Black Dresses and for her evening gowns. Her dresses were fitted on models of the correct size, rather than on a very small model and graded up. For that reason, her clothes were flattering to many figure types. She also was interested in the complete ensemble, and had hats to wear with her designs made by Mme. Pauline, and gloves and handbags made to accentuate the designs.

She was the designer of both of Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower’s inaugural gowns. In 1957 Rosenstein began designing sportswear and bathing suits. She closed her clothing business in 1961, but continued to design handbags and jewelry.

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