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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Vivtoria Beckham went for the full out military look in a vintage Roberto Cavalli jacket. A lot of people think of Cavalli as a contemporary designer - which he is - but he began his career in the 70's. He is a great example of a soon-to-be collectible designer when it comes to his early pieces. The more prominent his current designs become the more desirable having those older pieces will be!

You can love or love or hate Ms. Beckham but she does know how to push the envelope adn that is really what fashion is about sometimes. It's not just putting together a great outfit it's about waking up and saying....

"let's do Luxe Military sergean today shall we. Like if the army issued standard Hermes bags and wore Rock and Replublic jeans kind of feel. David, David get me a hat from some soldier boy - thats a darling...."

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