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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Food Poisoning Sucks

Sorry for no post yesterday. I was taken out by My Guy to one of the most fabulous restaurant's in Toronto (which I will not name for now) and sadly it seems the scallops where off and I ended up spending my entire Saturday in bed ..errr actually sitting in front of the toilet to be honest. I was in agony. Food poisoning is not fun. My Guy was great though and took stellar care of me all day. And the dinner was still fantastic. Goes to show you though - no matter how fancy the place you can still get a bad dish. sigh.

In the meantime to satisfy your daily shot of vintage here is someone you don't see as much of these days and she is not known to be a big vintage wearer either but none-the-less even janet Jackson can't resist the right piece. From earlier this year here is Miss Jackson in vintage Azzedine Alaia

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