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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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So Sad To See You Go


Whenever I sell a piece it's a combination of happy that someone who loves it will be getting this great new piece and total and utter sadness that this great piece is now technically NOT MINE anymore. Cause the truth is that I really do buy for me first and then reluctantly let pieces go. Slowly and with great pain.

Today Erika bought my gorgeous Mr. Blackwell metallic jacket with those incredible puff sleeves. Can you just imagine for a moment what a fabulous girl Erika is to buy such a show-stopping piece? I already have a million outfits pictured in my mind for Ericka. She will wear this with a pencil skirt and platform hot pink Lanvin pumps, a hot pink satin Prada clutch and nothing under the jacket. Or maybe with killer wide leg Diane Von Furstenberg jeans and high black stiletto boots. OHHHH or maybe she will use it to top a gown - oh yeah a full length silk gown with a bit of a train and she will go to a fabulous event on it and everyone will comment on what a fabulous clever girl she is to be so original.

However you end up wearing it I hope you adore it every single time and it always makes you feel stunning and original and utterly, utterly fabulous Erika!

Now the question becomes....
what do I give up to replace it with?
Stay tuned girls.....

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