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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Today's celebrity vintage spot is Kate Moss in what looks to be a sequined 30's gown that has been chopped. Now granted it could be a 70's piece as well but either way the odds are that it was once a lot longer that it is now. Which brings us to the question...

Is it wrong to alter vintage?

A lot of vintage fashioniosta's are going yelling at their screens right now shouting

YES YES YES IT IS UTTERLY WRONG... and I do tend to agree in principle. But what it the dress had a big old honking hole right above the knee? Is it OK then to alter rather then throw away? What if the dress is not a "label" dress so has not "set" market value. Is it OK to alter then? What if a floor length dress hangs in your closet for 10 years and you don't wear it once but you know if you chop it at the knee you can wear it once a week?

Not easy question with not easy answers huh?

I tend to say no to alterations though have made exceptions to that rule if I had to be honest. And I will have a garment fitted perfectly to moi if its a piece I think I will keep forever.

What do you guys think?
When is it OK to alter vintage?

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