We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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And Off you go

The sad part of being a bag girl is that when you actually finally decide to suck it up and post some of your children.... errr... I mean bags .....some one inevitably buys them. Sigh

And so I am saying bye bye to this lovely little croc print patent beauty. Enjoy it Elise!

And to make matters worse I also have sent out to the world the fabulous lavender shirt dress.
I seriously loved this one and I swear if it had sat more then 30 days it would have went back to my racks!

BUT the good news is that one of favorite clients bought this dress along with the little black Biba knock-off mini (see the post below) and apparently she has huge plans for both items style-wise!

I think we should all post a comment begging Natasha to send us a pic to see how she wears them and maybe we can convince her!

In fact I think all my fabulous girls should send in pictures of them in vintage don't you agree? How much fun would it be to see that and get ideas from each other on styling?
Don't be shy now!

Natasha enjoy both your items! Wear them with utter fabulisousness!

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