We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Going on Vaca

Toodles darlings

I am off for a bit of a breather. I am not going to promise to post cause I may be too tipsy and tanned to keep up with doing a daily blurb, BUT Jenny will be working here at the house so all orders from the site can still go through without interruption.

Jenny is also going to be photoing a whole new batch of dresses while I am gone.
We have decided to expand the number of items on the site by a LOT!

We are going to post just ooooodles of yummy scrummy fabulous dresses mid-month and Jenny is going to MAKE ME give up some of my own personal collection - even if she is grabbing them by the hems and yanking them out of my hands.

Also in the works is a Facebook space and a Myspace page

AND I am making arrangements with the Coutorture network to do a most delicious give-away from the site and I am going to pull a most fabulous dress for the prize!!

So enjoy the next week or so cause girls when I get back - stuff is going to happen!

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Anonymous said...


Eh, Cherie! Can't wait for the clothes, the contest or the computer geek stuff (wink)!

Have fun on your vacation.

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