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On Styling Beautiful Girls & Site News

Hi girls! I am back from vaca and happy to have ton of news for you! First though, I wanted to share this fabulous picture of one of my clients. Lee-Ann, who owns Beaux Arts Design, an amazing interior design firm (Check out her amazing portfolio at www.beauxartsdesign.com, oh and did I mention she is helping me redesign My Guy and I's fabulous pad - uh huh yep I am a lucky girl). She came over for a private consultation on the weekend and we found here this fabulous 1930's silk taffeta top. She was really looking for something casual but special and that would work with both jeans and could go more dressy as well. I think this work perfect on her though its not too hard to style such a beautiful girl!

In other news, I am working hard on adding just a ton of new items onto the site. Two new categories are going to be added - a resort collection and Future vintage. While away I realized that all the girls who are lucky enough to live in hot climates are not going to be shopping fall clothes so for them and all you fab girls going away on vacation I will keep a wonderful selection of hot weather vintage ready and waiting! I also want to add a small select section of more current clothing that will be future collectibles. As I have said countless times int he past the secret to wearing vintage is to mix it in with modern selections. So I am going to give you access to great newer pieces!

Look for the accessories to be expanded soon as well. I have a HUGE collection of bags and jewelery that I have been stubbornly hanging onto but I have recently made some big changes in my life. I am now acting as a consultant under my sister company The Shrimpton Corporation and have decided to really devote a greater chunk of my time to my little vintage business. That means YOU are going to get access to a ton more items. I plan on doubling or even tripling the available stock that is presently up on the site so there is a greater selection adn I am working hard on pretending this is a "real" business and letting go of things that I have hung onto for a long time. I seriously have some wicked treasures that are quite unbelievable. I am an obsessive collector but it is time to really focus on YOU instead on my own greedy little closet!


Anonymous said...

Too bad that Lee-Ann and I can't be friends. That top was the first Shrimpton collectible that I came across it in 2006.

Heck, I almost considered slicing my shoulders to make the top fit perfectly (uhh, the cosmetic surgeons don't recommend narrowing shoulders to fit in clothes. Obviously a case of *their* misguided priorities. And something about ethics).

Glad someone got to wear it!

Looking forward to your expanding collection (already eying the Biba "ruffles & Puffles" dress). And welcome back from vacation!


Shrimpton Couture said...

Great memory Natasha! I was astounded that this little gem did not move actually. But it does take a tiny frame!

I love the Biba too - I know they end up pricey on the site but they are so worth it and sooooo much better then the new line!


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