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Rachel Zoe

Did anyone else see Zoe on the Tyra banks show Friday? She seemed terribly nervous - I can see why some might take that for utter disdain towards every other woman on the planet but I thought it just came across as extreme nerves. She is also terribly self-conscious - sneaking peeks at every chance at the nearest monitor. I thought it interesting though that all that disappeared whenever she spoke about clothes. Her face lit up and she literally glowed. See the picture I found of her on the show? That is what I mean - when she smiles she is incredibly endearing and charming.

I must note that she has finally succumbed to the Hollywood pressure machine - she was definitely botoxed. She has been slammed countless times for being very wrinkled in a sea of smooth Hollywood faces on-line at various blogs and trust me - she is wrinkled no longer. But I thought she looked great so kudos to her for doing it. Who really cares anymore anyway? Hell if $8 a shot is going to do more good then shelling out a few hundred dollars for a cream that does not do anything but smell good, then why not? So kudos to you Miss Zoe. I think you looked great!

Oh and can I just take a moment and state the obvious? THE DRESS was f*^&king fabulous. I am still in full lust 2 days later. Its vintage Leonard and its KILLER. She also wore a HUGE gold panther ring from Cartier that My Guy is now under STRICT instructions to gift me with one day. I would give anything to go through her closet. I think she has perhaps the best goddess dress collection on the planet. period.

Thumbs up Rachel for all you have accomplished. I might even buy your book

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gj said...

Omg! She is too fab.
Wish I could be her.

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