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Vintage Fashion in a Movie ALERT!

I know I cannot possibly be the only girl who sometimes watches a movie primarily for the CLOTHES. Hell a good wardrobe can make a film. If this was not true there would not be an Oscar category for wardrobe! So it is with great joy that I post these pictures today of the ever-lovely Angelina Jolie on set in her new movie The Changeling, directed by Clint Eastwood. Obviously set in the 20's/30's this is going to be an absolute joy to watch regardless of the content. I predict a huge rush on flapper fashion once this one gets released. Is that not the most gorgeous coat? and hat? Whether original vintage or repro's done for the movie, it serves to remind me why this era is still my absolute favorite. And how does a girl get her hair to do that anyway? If you know the technique can you please share? I adore this whole look!


Jennifer Murray-Szarvas said...

Hey Cherie,

I once saw this hair technique used on Ashely Judd. All the stylist did was pin bobby pins to the side of her head when her hair was wet. The trick is to stagger the pins by an inch or so. Let the hair dry and voila! Beautiful finger waves.

Anonymous said...

oh my, I didn't even recognize that as angelina until I saw the close-up smile. though i realize it's just a set, the look rather suits her.

xLucy @ Glam.com GlamChic

Jennifer said...

Yep! Those are finger waves ... deceptively simple! That's how I hope to style my hair for my wedding or go more 1940's with some lovely pin curls!

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