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A Celebrity how to Wear It

I think a lot of woman out there see these little sequined bolero's (or caplets as the case may be) from the 1930's and swoon over the workmanship and pure beauty of them, but at the same time are at a loss as to how to actually incorporate them into their modern day life and wardrobes.

So I was pretty happy to see that Kate Moss wore a beautiful vintage one over one of her latest creations for he Top Shop collection. AND I was also pretty happy to see that she still wears vintage even though she is designing her own pieces these days. Its nice to know that not everything gets knocked off!

There are certain things that you just can't replicate and these little handmade pieces of art are one of them. The one pictured above is on the site now and is exquisite. I am in awe of the workmanship and patience it must have taken back in the day to create these pieces!

So way to go Kate.
You keep showing us how to work in those vintage pieces!

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