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We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Not Exactly Fashion

So I am behind in my posting today because I am bravely (or stupidly - not sure which yet) trying to strip my black hair adn bring it back to its natural dark blonde/light brown color. I am currently a nice loud shade of orange and trying to work toward a more light, vibrant bozo the clown orange mixed with yellow as per the color on the package. Seriously why do we do this stuff? It will all come out fine - I have gone through this before and am pretty competent for am "amatuer" I would post a picture now but THAT would be really stupid and I am sure could be used against me at some time on the future should someone choose LOL . If I have hair left I will try to throw up a pic.

On a more fashion minded front, I loaded all the buy bttons yesterday and added decriptions adn measurements for some of the new items on the site. I still have a lot to do but am otherwise occupied as per above. Yeesh a girl has her priorities ya know. If you are dying to know if something is your size - email me and I will scoot adn do it ASAP...and so I go back to my color quest girls.......

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