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Holy Vintage Copy Batman!

This is Kate Walsh in NEW D&G. How many times have you, as the fabulous vintage shopper I know you are) seen this exact dress on the racks. Heck I even had one posted on the site about 6 months ago and I know if I go through my storage racks in my studio I could find another one. The trick to the vintage version of this dress is the fabric - both the underlying fabric that the sequins are attached to and the actual sequins themselves. The earlier the version the better. Later (and most modern) ones, are made of such cheap crap that if you do decide to pop for the $19.99 it will probably cost you in any respectable ((shudder)) mall store, well then don't stand too close to a lit candle - that's all I can say.

Kate's dress is a prefect example of future vintage based on great vintage

And just for you die-hard fashionista's, may I note that her shoes are Louboutin's?
And that I am in a current outright obsession with T-straps?
Which incidentally where all the rage in the 1920's.

Yet again, the reason we are all a bit addicted to vintage.


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Hi I have updated the blog and doing the site now!

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