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Celebrity Vintage Spot

Emily Deschanel looks put together and timeless in her little black vintage frock paired with Stella McCartney pumps. This is one of those great timeless dresses where you just can't be sure if it is vintage or new - you just know that the cut is great and I bet the fabric is heavenly.

It actually reminds me a bit of the Morton Myles 1970's dress listed on Shrimpton now (The Fluid Black 1960's Dress Item #E12 $150). Except, not to toot my own horn here but my dress is a tough barer and a bit more glam IMHO.

Another great alternative is this pretty frock ( The Classy Yet Sexy 1970's Date Dress Item #D10 $135). It has that pop of color on top of your basic black but the cut and shape are really similar to Miss Deschanel's.

The point is that you don't have to be a celebrity to snag this look. Take a great fluid vintage dress and pair it up with a killer pair of up-to-date shoes. Keep your look modern or fresh and you won't get asked - is that vintage?
Rather, you will find yourself pinned in a corner till you tell that girl
exactly where you got that dress!!

(To which you reply - Shrimpton Couture - of course!)

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