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Shrimpton Girl Inspiration

I have decided to start a new feature - a style inspiration for all you Shrimpton Girls out there. I occasionally stumble across a photo that just so perfectly captures a look that is so utterly timeless I just want to rush to my closet and put together the same look right then and now. Up till now I have not been sharing these because they are not always vintage (or if they are I don't have absolute confirmation) but it's my blog and I figure I can do what I want. And if you are a regular reader you know that I am of the absolute firm belief that vintage should ALWAYS be worn as if it is modern and that it should be mixed up as much as possible with the mainstays of your wardrobe. Its like buying that big designer piece and never wearing it because it cost so much. DON'T do that!! Wear the fabulous pieces. Wear your vintage grocery shopping. Wear a pair of 70's bell jeans with a cutting edge Marni-esque architectural inspired smock and then throw on outrageous 1960's Jackie Oh sunglasses. Kate Beckinsale - this outfit is perfect. This outfit is fresh, original and yet it harkens back to the best of what the hippie movement and those 70's Super Models where all about. Go wear jeans today girls - just make em wide.


Anonymous said...

"Wear your vintage grocery shopping."

Nice. I wear mine to pick up my kids from school. Thanks, Cherie.

BTW, it's interesting what you've done with the place. Looking forward to more in '08!


Shrimpton Couture said...

Ahhh way to make my heart happy....start brainwashing pre-schoolers on the fabuliciousness of vintage now!

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