We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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Just to share

Sorry about the lack of posts lately but I have been swamped renovating my house and prepping for a big dinner party we threw this past weekend.
For Christmas I arranged for My Guy to spend the day with David Adjey (from the Food Network's Restaurant Make-Over and soon to have his own show too!)
The dinner was a smashing success!
David is the sweetest guy and can cook like a fiend. The fact that the company was utterly superb goes without saying!

Here are some pictures I thought I would post for prosperity! It also gives you a chance to see my new brunette shade as opposed to my jet black.
And yes that is a vintage 1970's Pucci Hostess Gown I am wearing and my friend is wearing a banging 60's flapper inspired dress in that last picture!


The Two real stars of the evening
My Guy and his sidekick for the night - David Adjey

The table is set! Caryn Lerner, President of Holt Renfrew was kind enough to send me that beautiful floral arrangement. Is it not stunning?
I love this shot - it makes my little abode look quite smashing!

The man himself - David Adjey extolling the how to of prepping the perfect meal!
You can throw a party with him as your personal chef at home too!
Check out his website at www.davidadjeycuisine.com

Here is another shot of the dining room, decked out and awaiting it's guests!
See the painting?
Do you remember reading of how I carried it rolled up all the way from Russia?
See why?!

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