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Hopping on the Bandwagon

It seems the current "trend" towards bringing strong vintage pieces into your wardrobe is just not going to stop. Vogue.com reported today that London favorite - Miss Selfridge - is introducing a whole new collection of vintage to the store in March. I have pasted the original blurb below for you to get the whole story but can I just say with a small hint of amusement that there might be a few Shrimpton pieces that end up on those shelves. You would be amazed at how the good vintage travels until it hits some fabulous girl's closet! Lately I have been getting the bug to move part of my business onto land. I would have loved to set up a small corner in Holt's but Linda Lattner of Vintage Couture beat me to it. She does an exceptional job but what she does and what I do are different - her focus is on labels whereas mine is more about the wearability and relevance to the current season. I think my client is also a bit more of a party girl, an IT girl if you will. My girls out there (you know who you are) tend to be very successful, smashingly fabulous girls who wear vintage with abandon. Hmmmmm maybe I will just stick to what I do afterall - yeesh doesn't sound half bad does it?


YASMIN YUSUF must have the perfect job. As the creative director at high street favourite Miss Selfridge, she's responsible for bringing us the best vintage and one-off finds forming the basis of the label's new collection, which is set to hit the stores in March. "We've really enjoyed putting it together and it's great seeing people's reactions to it all," she explained last night, as a select few fashionistas had the chance to delve into the team's archive, seeing the pieces – which range from neat shift dresses from the Sixties through to bright neon numbers from the Eighties - behind the new pieces. "This is just a third of it. We grade it and this is the stuff we just had to have." Shopping taken to a whole new and exhaustive level, Yusuf scours the world - from Paris to LA – to find eclectic items from fashion's favourite eras. So how does one choose what makes the grade? "You get a feeling about something, that it's coming, and then there are pieces that you think just are great when you see them, as they are," she explains. Drawing on the elaborate embellishment, quirky details and exotic colour palettes, the result is a gorgeous and very wearable collection that even if you didn't get into vintage the first time round – or even the second - you soon will. (January 24 2008, AM)

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