We Moved!

We Moved! We Moved! We Moved!

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It seems to be Dita week at Shrimpton Couture

I am just going with the flow on the unplanned Dita Von Teese theme that seems to be happening. A girl has to take her Celebrity Vintage Spots where she can. I am still searching for absolute confirmation that this is vintage but if it isn't.....well hello talk about straight copying. It could be a Dior in all fairness - The most fabulous JG seems to be on a vintage twist of his own this season and I know for fact that Dita is a favorite of his. Have you noticed how his last collection and most recent have a STRONG vintage theme to them in their cut and fabrics? Not that I am complaining at all. Tres lovely in my view! Anyway I love a red dress and I love love love a silk taffeta red dress. And I love a silk taffeta red dress that is cut to ft every curve and then madly emphasizes every curve to a tee with that most dramatic peplum.
YUM YUM Miss Teese!

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