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Oh Say it isn't So....

My heart is utterly broken this morning. For some odd reason I have alway clung to the idea that the quest for unattainable perfection for women was a recent phenomenon and therefore being a girl past 20 I had escaped the worst of it as I had grown up knowing what real women looked like - implant and airbrushed free.

But NOOOOO.....I have been utterly wrong. I stumbled across a blog today with a post on retouched celebrities from the THIRTIES

I am just destroyed. If Joan Crawford could not have freckles and Bette Davis needed her faint wrinkles brushed out of her forehead even then... well that is cause for a HUGE sigh. It casts a dark, dark shadow on the world. If even one person writes that either had a nose job I am going back to bed, pulling the covers over my head and having a bit of a weep.

You can the original article here - from The Fray: http://thefray.typepad.com/thefray/2008/01/classic-film-st.html today girls

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