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Cause you can't have enough Dita

dita looking fierce in a vintage gown at the past 7th on seven sale in nyc...this is how i go shopping too....but only for fabulous sales events of course....oh wait My Guy just leaned over and said I forgot the word wish...as in that is how i wish i go shopping too....but only for fabulous events...sigh.....caught.....personally i think every girl should wear a ball gown at least one day of her life in the daytime for no real reason other then to say she has....and no your wedding dress does not count smartie pants....don't think i did not hear all you witty girls think you could get around it that way...i mean throw on a gown like you are a diva in the making and go to lunch somewhere fabulous....just because you can....hmmmmm....we should start a fabulous girl goes to lunch club...anyone in my neighborhood next week?


Anonymous said...

Dita's dress is actually from Marchesa's Spring/Summer 2008 collection. It does look lovely enough to be vintage-inspired though :)

Shrimpton Couture said...

DAMN - Thanks for letting us know! I found it attributed as being vintage in a fashion magazine too LOL

I guess it goes to show you how modern designers get "inspired" by vintage!!

Princess Jewels said...

Definitely a great dress! Glamorous!

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