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Is This Future Vintage?

This is the new "Fairy Bag" launching for spring '08 from Prada
(this version is priced at $2290US).

It's certainly a departure from a typical Prada bag and has an indie cult status look to it IMHO.

Like the Balenciaga Gladiator boots it's one of those things that the first time you see it you go "huh?" and then think "that is ridiculous - there is NO way I will carry that".....but is that really the case? Take another look. Come back and look at it again in an hour. Scroll down the page in 2 days and look at it again.

Changing your mind yet?
It's different, but isn't it sort of different in a good way?

My Guy looked at it and here's what he had to say:
"thats a bag you buy now and carry in three years cause right now it's kitschy but in 3 years it will be cool cause everyone will get it"
Not a bad summary huh?
And yes he is straight - I can personally vouch for it.

So the question is
Is this Future Vintage? Is My Guy right?
Or is it a one season wonder that everyone who buys it will tuck in their closet and never admit to owning?


Anonymous said...

Definite future vintage!!

Mandu said...

First of all, I love this bag...and this will probably be future vintage, it'll be a piece that some don't understand though I'm sure!

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