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What A dress!

It's always interesting to see a fashion house revive itself. SO often the original "spark" that made the design house famous gets lost somehow (think the 2nd time around "new" Biba for example) . SO it was with great delight that I realized that the lovely Kate Walsh was wearing Azzaro in these shots. And what an Azzaro it is! Known for over the top fabulous , sexy jersey gowns in the heydays of Studio 54, this frock brings back what was best about the line. It's decadent, easy, fluid and utterly sexual without being in your face. Until she turns around of course. Two thumbs WAYYYY up for both Kate and Azzaro.

Interested in the original? Here is what the label resource over at the Vintage Fashion Guild has to say about Loris Azzaro:

(1933-2003) Loris Azzaro was working as a professor, but by the mid 60s he had started his fashion line in Paris. He made form-fitting and slinky evening wear, often in black, and was a favorite of actresses such as Raquel Welch and Sophia Loren. Azzaro died in 2003, but before his death he worked on modifying 35 of his designs from the 1970s. They were released in the winter of 2004. Today, the label continues under the direction of Vanessa Seward.

PS: I have listed more new items on the site then I have room to post here so whip over and take a look. Even I am impressed with myself that I am letting things go!

PSS: Kim if you are reading this can you give me a call? I lost all your contact info and need to know you are alive and well. If you you know who I am talking about and are a mutual friend of ours from back on the ZOO days - can you please pass this message on to her?

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