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Zoe in Style

I have not been able to do a Rachel Zoe spot in a while because she has been laying low it seems! Love her or hate her she really does know how to put an outfit together. I love this red 40's dress (although I have not been able to find confirmation that this one is indeed vintage but if it is not then shame on the designer for doing what is basically a straight copy of one!), and I find it amusing that she somehow managed to get her photo taken with perhaps the one girl in the room that coordinates PERFECTLY with HER outfit.
I love a girl who can spot a fabulous fashion opportunity.

I also adore how Rachel always throws in quirky and bold accessories - see the huge green cocktail ring in the shot above and then the Kenneth Lane looking clamper bracelet in the picture below? Adding that bit of bling takes an otherwise basic dress up to a whole new level.

I am a bit obsessed with getting Rachel to see my site and become a client. I love that she LOVES vintage and was one of the main players to push it to the forefront in the celebrity world. I also have a stash of dresses I know she would love. Although I love them to, so if my fantasy of having her as a client ever becomes a reality, I might find myself in one of those "be careful of what you wish for" scenarios.


I even went to the extent of emailing her real estate agent (I saw she was selling her house) and basically tried to play on his sense of kindness to pass on my site info to her. Have no idea if he actually did that for me but Rachel if he did and you do want to come hang out I could even keep it a secret if you really want me to.
Even though that would be torturous not to do a public yipppee.
But I could do it....really....I swear


Edward Ott said...

the compassion you show rachel is just heartwarming.

Shrimpton Couture said...

Tee Hee that cracked me up Edward

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