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Happy Birthday Kate!

One of my favorite Shrimpton Girls and style icons - the great Kate Moss - turned 33 yesterday and did Studio 54 glam AKA the Chanel way, right up to her disco inspired gold star eye make-up. I am sure she had a great time, but Kate, you and I share a Birthday and honey, My Guy gave me the absolute BEST birthday ever. Cloud nine kind of stuff. You may be a super model but I wore my most spectacular bombshell, vintage Suzy Perette to my champagne infused dinner for two at Mistura (thank you Carmen and Massimo) and had a most, most fabulous shopping day at the ever spectacular and uber-fabulous Holt Renfrew on Bloor and am now lounging on my couch in my beautiful house....red wine in hand...wrapped around my fabulous handsome guy....... so again, Kate darling, you may be the super model but I,....I have a super life. I wish all my Shrimpton Girls (and guys) out there reading at least as much of a fabulous vintage -filled most happy life as mine. xoxoxo till tomorrow girls........................................


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday chere, Cherie!


Shrimpton Couture said...

Thanks Natasha!!

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