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Zoe in Style

So late posting today because I am in the midst of a HUGE spectacular Shrimpton Couture site update! When I sent out an email to my Shrimpton Girls just after New Year's saying that my resolution was to stop being such a fashion piggy and open the vaults (or shall I say racks) of my collection and really start posting the good and yummy stuff I have been collecting over the years.......well I was not kidding.

I am doing a most awesome fabulous addition of cocktail dresses and designer frocks that will make you DROOL

but back to the subject of this post - Ms Rachel Zoe....

Rachel even though you look cute in your vintage Oscar De La Renta dress and vintage Lanvin necklace .....these are not REALLY you. You look...dare I say it? A tad frumpy...like you should shorten your hem a titch. Where Rachel are your flowing caftans and sky high Jimmy Choos? Rachel this is not really your style at all...but I am here to help....

Just check out

Sigh it would look perfect on you - we all know. It has the prerequisite plunging neckline to the waist. It's flows, the pink will set off your blond locks and tanned skin. And it's designer so you can flash a somewhat obscure name at the press (Leonard Sunshine ...not to be confused with Leonard of Paris....but you know this already of course)

But sadly my past attempts to let you know who the heck I am and give you the chance to become one of my girls seems to have utterly failed so one of my fabulous girls who know who the heck I am.......

(and therefore might be more in the know then you - is that not logical? think it through girls and you will see that it makes perfect sense)

............will surely snap it up because it is



Anonymous said...

how do you expect to have rachel as a client if you call her frumpy? not the best way to do business with someone.
Natalie Melato

Shrimpton Couture said...

LOL You may be right but I stand by what I said - I do think that dress is not the most flattering of all the dresses I have posted her in. Even the most perfect fashionista can't get it right every single time. You should have seen what i looked like today - ((shudder))

And I did say she was only a TAD frumpy in it. Not all out dumpy frumpy. Hopefully she will appreciate my honesty should she ever stumble across my blog.

Anonymous said...

ha ha i think she has looked better too

Sielian's Vintage said...

Hi Shrimpton,

Rachel zoe picked up this dress couple months ago from our store: Sielian's Vintage Apparel on west hollywood. This dress is 1970's LANVIN opt art Jersey dress.
I am working on my website now, photos of celeb will be featured soon.

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