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Being a Sylist Has Its Privledges

One of the fave Shrimpton vintagonista's Rachel Zoe was spotted at the tents for Erin Fetherston's show wearing what else but a Fetherston Spring '08 frock that is of course not even officially out on the racks yet. Isn't it funny that we see a dress not yet out on the racks attending a show for dresses not yet out on the racks yet, nor will those dresses be on the racks for months and months....
ahh the fickle winds of fashion.

You know this means this dress is already over right?
Tut Tut girls either you must be 4 months ahead or wait ten years till it is "vintage"
and I only put "vintage" in quotes because we all know vintage is really a garment that has been around for 25 years but apparently if you are a good little fashionista and are wayyy ahead of the curve you can push it up if you so choose...
this is after all fashion we are talking about .....
and in fashion breaking the rules is a rule

But I digress..... Rachel made her frock weather appropriate by pairing it with black hose and shoes which is actually agreat styling tip to make your fab vintage frocks work year round BTW

I pulled the original off the runway pic for you to see how it looked way back in it's baby days -
a whole 6 months ago of course

What do you think?
Is this a future vintage?

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