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when i clicked over to the sartorialist on my daily stop-over there, i saw this photo and instantly knew it was going on my blog. i love this photo and i love the perfect little 50's fur coat she wears in it. this shows you exactly how to translate these great little fur jackets from the fifties that can look oh-so-staid and make them modern and fresh and utterly wearable. it's the juxtapose of the old and new, the starkness of her pulled back hair and over-sized dark glasses against the softness of the fur (and in this case the vulnerability of her hands) that make it all work so wonderfully. and do not for a second think that this is a look reserved for the very young. if you choose to click on scott's image at his site, you will see that in the larger version of this picture, that the woman is indeed a woman.... not a girl at at....and yes ...she does look fabulous

see more of Scott's work at www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com

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Guerreira said...

The same picture caught my eye...

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