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Wonky Emails

I have just found out that my email had the flu...or was it a bug?
Anyway it did not spread itself rather it was corrupt and decided that it would not let all my messages come through ...how rude isn't it?
It should have known any message from one of my lovely Shrimpton girls is extremely IMPORTANT.
See what corruption does to a girl - it does not care how many Louboutin shoes you have or Hermes bags or fabulous vintage frocks...nope...it has a mind all it's own.
IF you have emailed me anytime in the last few weeks (maybe even as long as a month or so) and DID NOT hear back..........
well please be assured that I was not being rude...it was my silly buggy email.
Please email me back and forgive my non-response the first time.
I do apologize and promise to email you straight away!!

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